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Slow / Orchestral
These pieces reflect the human condition, the emotions that we feel day in and day out. Emptiness, loss, and darkness... but hope is not far off.


A moving piano piece, written to reflect the final thoughts before a contemplation of suicide. 
Another moving piece written to capture feelings of emptiness and loneliness
An emotional piece using strings, piano and harp to convey the emotional issue of losing those around you.


Rock / Metal
Be ready to put up the 'devil horns' and watch out for the razor sharp edge on this series of tracks.


An in-your-face song with powerful beats and a heavy synth to back it all up. Distorted guitar is also a strong presence in this song.
A powerful back and forth motion between slow and fast, this is the song to rally the army.
Features heavy guitar and strings.
Industrial drumming with an eerie background.





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